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"Workforce Housing Made Easy"


EZIN provides a number of services for Companies to help make Lodging Logistics Easy

Here are a few of our services. We also can work with you to provide a solution for an specific needs you may have. Please contact us

1. Lodging anywhere your workers need it any time you need it

EZIN provides Housing and RV spaces across the Texas Oil Fields. Through our sites and our network of affiliate sites, we can provide housing almost anywhere in Texas, no matter how remote.

If you can’t find lodging in your location contact us

2. RV Parking spots anywhere your crews need them

EZIN has built a network of affiliate RV Parks across Texas. We can find you and your crews RV spaces anywhere. contact us

3. Providers of On-Site Lodging and Temporary Services

Do you prefer to have your guys stay on site or near your site temporarily? We can help

We provide portable lodging solutions which we can setup on our sites, or we can go to you. EZIN can setup our “Mobile suites” on your Construction, project or Oil rig site. See our Mobile units

We setup and manage all aspects of the lodging on your site!

We can also provide all necessary Temporary Services to get you up and running quickly. Whether it be one or all of the following:

Water, Waste Water, Garbage, Power, TV, Internet, Maid Service, Food

One stop provides all your services needs. Let us handle all the logistics!

If you don’t want to have your crews on site, but near the site, we can find land or a site near buy to setup our Mobile units with full Temporary services as well

4. For RV Park owners or want to be owners, we also provide services for you:

  1. Market and fill your RV Park: List your availability with EZIN and we can fill your RV spaces
  2. Handle all Billing and payments for you:Tired of having to chase down tenants to collect payments and checks? Let EZIN manage the Billing for you. We have all the latest technological billing options for credit cards and auto-debit
  3. We can Manage your existing RV Park for you: Are you tired of managing your Park? Having trouble filling it. Let us do it for you
  4. We can Build New RV Parks from scratch: Are you looking to build or own an RV park, let us build it for. We can do everything from permitting and Engineering all the way to completion
  5. We can Provide Temporary Services for the following
    1. During construction of a new Park and you want to be up and running quickly, before the park is even completed
    2. Provide Services to additional RVs: if you get a surplus of clients and your park is full
  6. If you have other needs that we have not mentioned here, we would love to hear about them and work on a solution for you. please contact us

Some of the Advantages of EZIN and our Mobile suites:

  • Professionally managed, Reliable, Quality, no headaches
  • Automated system
  • Easy Check IN, Check Out (Do it online)
  • Electronic Key Locks
  • Payment system is all Web based online with database
  • Automated notification systems for all maintenance, House cleaning…
  • We provide lodging in remote areas?
  • We can setup Temporary housing on your site
  • We can provide full services
  • Request a new location
  • Search for a location (Map)

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