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"Workforce Housing Made Easy"

EZIN Lodging and RV Parks for the Oil & Gas Fields.

EZIN offers 2 main products with the goal of addressing the shortage of housing for Oil Field workers across Texas

  1. EZIN Network of Qualified affiliate RV Parks across Texas
    • EZIN is in the process of cataloging all RV parks in the Texas Oil and Gas fields and including them in our Network of Affleitate RV Parks. We are creating a brand for the Oilfield Industry that will rival the KOA of the vacation RV Parks
    • We are the one stop you need to go to find an RV space anywhere in Texas. Think of EZIN as the Travolocity of the RV Park Industry
  2. Providers of Lodging across Texas with our Mobile suites that can be setup in any Rv park.

    We will also have a segment of rental buildings that can be in one of our branded parks OR anywhere of need, in one of our approved affiliate parks, so as to immediately facilitate our clients ANYWHERE, & ANY TIME. We have designed a pitched roof mobile home type building that is licensed as a RV!! This means we can place these buildings anywhere and very quickly.

Why we came up with this “Mobiles Suites” model:

Based on our experience in the Industry of Oil Field lodging ( see About Us ) We have learned that what ever lodging solution you provide to companies, it must be flexible as Oil Field crews are constantly moving across the oil fields

To better serve the nomadic lifestyle of the Oil Field worker, EZIN has developed a “Mobile Suite” solution

To allow us to offer housing in any location in the Oil Fields, we designed a Mobile home that is certified as an RV, therefore it can be setup in an RV park.

Being able to setup our Mobile suites in RV Parks gives us a tremendous amount of locations to offer lodging to our clients.

Many of the Oilfield Service company crews move in, around, and out of Oilfield regions quite often. This means they cannot take advantage of a consistent lodging experience or a consistent affordable price.

Our concept allows us to have the same comfortable experience anywhere our clients need to be, in a very short amount of time, and for any duration of time.

We are removing the current conflict in the Oilfield Company / Lodging Company relationship. The Oilfield companies have a hard time committing for any significant length of time and the Lodging companies are counting on their clients to commit for longer periods of time. There in lies the battle and the risk!

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