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About Us

EZIN provides Lodging and RV spaces across the Texas Oil Fields We are the first Branded RV Park chain specifically catering to workforce housing. We bring hotel style standards of management and professionalism to the RV Park industry.

EZIN primarily offers two solutions to companies and individuals looking to solve their housing needs:

  • Lodging through our “Mobile suites” across Texas ( Learn more… )
  • Rv Park spaces through our own RV parks and our Network of Affiliate RV Parks across Texas ( Learn more… )

We also provide a number of services for Companies looking to solve their Lodging problems as well as for existing RV park Owners

Our team has built and managed a 2,500 person Man Camp in ND which is one of, if not the largest Oilfield lodging facilities in North America. We also built a 2nd 1200 person facility in ND. We just finished building 1 out of 22 funded 250-400 bed camps in South Texas.

Needless to say, we are quite familiar with the lodging side of the Oilfield industry. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We also have strong backgrounds in Technology and systems development

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